Singing Lessons in Vienna

Ardalan Jabbari is a highly sought-after and successful vocal coach at Richard Wagner Conservatory in Vienna, Casting Director of Liederherbst Festival and Artist Manager by CADEMI Artists Management. He realized early on that he has a special talent for coaching young colleagues. His students succeed internationally at the best universities and are successful in competitions among others.Uni. Prof. Chen Jie ( Voice Professor at Nanjing Normal University).Ksenia Chubunova ( Teatro Regio di Torino) Alper Göceri (soloist at the Istanbul Opera House), Elisabeth Halikiopoulos ( Musical performer and actress among others Salzburg Landerstheater) Irena Alhazov (Coburg Landestheater ), Viktoria Leshkevic (Salzburg Landestheater), Diana Gouglina (as Tatiana and title role Elektra at the Sofia Opera House) as well as soprano Anahita Malakouti (finalist of the international singing competition “Molfetta”), coloratura soprano Bahar Mohaghegh- Harandi (University of Victoria in Canada), Baritone Navid Taheri (Landestheater Linz) and soprano Forooz Razavi

Fooroz Razavi who has been coached at the Ardalan Jabbari for twelve years, was among others the winner of the prestigious singing competition “Voci Verdiane” and has been engaged at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala as well as at Teatro de Oviedo (as Amelia in un ballo in Maschera) since the season 2019-2020.

Iranian tenor Dr. Koosha Khorramian (Halifax Festival) is now a tenor in demand in Canada, where embodied, among others, Don Jose in Carmen and Hoffmann in Les Contes d’Hoffmann).
Ardalan Jabbari recently gave master classes in London, Ravello, Milan, Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz and in Vienna.

The lessons include :

-Voice box analysis
-Register balancing
-Optimization of the connection between head and chest voice
-Extension of the vocal range
-Improvement of legato and voice leading
-improvement of breath control
-targeted repertoire selection and development of different roles
-Tactical advice and support for participation in international competitions
-mental coaching especially support in case of vocal crises 
-clarification between Viennese and Italian school (stylistic differences from Bach to Verdi)

Choose your individual lesson program:

  • 1x 45 Min. Single Session ( EUR 120,00)
  • 4 Units x 45 Min. (EUR 400,00)

Here is a small sample of my successful students:

I’ve been mentoring Forooz since 2011, so here are some of the milestones and stages we’ve reached together:

  • ViennaMUK Universität Wien (Successful singing entrance exam)
  • Bucarest Grand Prix ( Semifinal)
  • Munich Audition for Agancy 
  • Stuttgart – Audition for Agancy
  • Deutschlandsberg Tagliavini Competition ( Semifinal)
  • Szdar nad SazavouCompetition (Semifinal)
  • Madrid  Viñas Competition ( Preliminary round )
  • Milan Magda Olivero ( Final round)
  • BarcelonaViñas Competition (Semifinal round)
  • Linz – Competizione dell’opera (Semifinal round)
  • Salzburg Mozarteum Salzburg (Successful singing entrance exam)
  • Busetto – Singing Competition Voci verdiane (first price )
  • Milan – Angelo Loforese Singing Competition ( Final round)
  • Immling – Festival (Donna Elvira / Don Giovanni )
  • Paris – National Opera de Paris (Audition)
  • Oviedo – Un ballo in Maschera (Opera De Oviedo )
  • Turin – Teatro Regio Torino (CD recording Warner classics with Bryan Hymel )
  • New York – Metropolitan Opera (audition)
  • Milan – Accademia teatro alla Scala (Successful singing graduation concert)

Read More:

Navid Taheri, Bariton, Solist Landestheater Linz 2021

I have been mentoring Navid since 2015. Here are some of our accomplishments together.

Alper GöceriBariton, Solist

I have been mentoring Alper since 2021. Here are some of the milestones and stages we have reached together:

  • Istanbul – Istanbul Süreyya Opernhaus (Don Fernando – Fidelio)
  • Istanbul – Istanbul Süreyya Opernhaus (Guglielmo – Cosi fan tutte)
  • Istanbul – Istanbul Süreyya Opernhaus (Scamillo – Carmen)
  • Istanbul – Istanbul Süreyya Opernhaus (Marcello – La Bohéme)
  • Istanbul – Istanbul Süreyya Opernhaus (Ford – Falstaff)










Ardalan Jabbari, Gesangsunterricht
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Anastasia Papadopoulos
1 hour ago

Ardi is a wonderful singer and teacher. I am learning so much and improving in a short period of time right before my own eyes. He is very interactive and helps you fully understand the concept and execution. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to better their singing and vocal technique!

ali safavian
15 days ago

Beste Ardalan Jabbari

Ik wil u graag bedanken voor uw buitengewone passie voor zang, uw perfecte techniek en uw inlevingsvermogen met uw leerlingen. Uw expertise en toewijding hebben een grote impact op mijn ontwikkeling gehad. Uw begeleiding is niet alleen leerzaam, maar ook inspirerend en motiverend. Dank u wel voor alles wat u voor mij hebt gedaan.En wat mij betreft graag tot snel en volgende sessie.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Ali Safavian

Pas het gerust aan naar jouw persoonlijke voorkeur!
Pas het gerust aan naar jouw voorkeur!

Taylan Reinhard
16 days ago

Ardalan Jabbari is a fantastic singer, colleague and singing pedagogue. His knowledge about singing and professional art of teaching as a singing coach helped me tremendously. Above all of that he is the nicest person I’ve known to work and study with. Either you are a beginner, professional singer or in between, I am certain that any singer would receive very good results immediately after the first lesson. Congratulations Ardalan and I wish the continuation of your success!

María Alejandra Escobar
25 days ago

I’m absolutely impress with the Ardalan’s pedagogy. He has teached me many valuable things around singing. He has the capacity for to explain clearly the issues about technique and interpretation around each era. He has a beautiful charisma and is an amazing singer too!

Michał Rudzinski
2 months ago

Ardalan is a very nice, warm person who is dedicated to his work. He knows what he wants to achieve during the lesson and how to do that. He explains what he wants to hear from you, helps you to relax your voice and knows how to get the right colour and resonance from your own voice. Even during online sessions it works really well. I highly recommend working with him!

Polen Yağmur
2 months ago

I’m very happy to have met Ardalan. He is not only a talented artist and great vocal coach , but also his inner beauty has captivated me.I’m thrilled to be working with him. His teqhnique is very natural and soothing , far from artificial sounds. I’m delighted to have crossed paths with him. I foresee us spending more time together in the future.

Yuliya Bapova
2 months ago

We would like to express our gratitude for the Mr. Ardalan Jabbari’s Masterclass. He created a comfortable and genuine work environment in a highly professional manner. It was easy and enjoyable to work with him, we just forgot how the time passed and we felt fulfilled from a professional perspective. We again would like to express our gratitudes to Maestro Jabbari

D. Aylar Lelik
2 months ago

I can briefly say that his attitude carries over into his personalities as coach, singer, artist, visionary leader or even director. It was such an inspiring experience for me to work with him. Thank you for your attention on details and helping me out to find right solution which works the best for me! xx

erdem sakarya
2 months ago

It was a wonderful experience to attend Mr. Jabbari’s master class. In just 15 minutes, he solved my problems that I could not solve for years, showed me the right path, and radically changed my perspective on singing. Thank you so much for shining a light on my path and helping me on my journey.

Alper Göçeri
3 months ago

Mr. Jabbari’s masterclass in Istanbul was a resounding success, captivating participants with his profound vocal knowledge, exceptional communication skills, and boundless patience. As a proficient pedagogue, he left an indelible mark, demonstrating an unparalleled ability to elevate countless voices to new levels in record time. Witnessing an extraordinary evolution in vocal technique within a single session left an enduring impression on all present. We eagerly anticipate his return to Istanbul

Irmak Yıldız
3 months ago

As soon as we started the lesson, he focused on my weak points and encouraged me. It was great working out the details of my aria. It was a very enjoyable masterclass. Best regards 😊

Ezgi Zümre Taşkın
3 months ago

We had a great session with Mr. Jabbari. He was in such a good mood and was radiating such a good energy that I felt so comfortable and safe. I can’t wait the upcoming masterclasses. So much love 🌸💫🙏🏻💛

Umar Ata Bilgi
3 months ago

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jabbari in a masterclass. I honestly hadn’t felt that good in my voice in years. The biggest quality of him that puts him above other vocal coaches is his attitude, apart from his great knowledge of voice, I would say. His relaxed and kind approach helped me relax in my throat and I found myself floating easy pianissimi at the top. I hope to continue working with him. Thank you so much Ardalan!

Paolo Villa
3 months ago

Thank you very much for the great masterclass in Istanbul. As a pianist and conductor I know how important is to practice with a good vocal coach. Thanks for your competence and your great musicality when teaching to the singers.

Efe Gerdanoğlu
3 months ago

It was great for me to work with Ardalan Jabbari. We talked about a lot of topics I didn’t know about, and I had a lot of fun at the same time. It was the most productive workshop I participated in.

berna Yücel
3 months ago

Ardalan Jabbari’s opera masterclass was an absolute revelation. His mentorship and insights elevated my performance beyond measure. A transformative experience for any opera enthusiast!

Cansu Öztürk
3 months ago

Mr. Jabbari is a great teacher. He detaches your problems fast and explains vocal techniques so clearly with the right exercises especially created for your issues. He also gives the right repertoire for you. Your vocal folds will feel relaxed after the lesson. The next important thing is that you mentally feel not under pressure or stressed while studying with him. He is a very good , friendly and supportive person besides being an amazing singer. Thank you so much for the masterclass in Istanbul and great advices. Wishing all the best.

Meltem Narinç
3 months ago

It was a great masterclass with Mr. Jabbari, I learnt so much things from him and he is really kind, when you’re working with him I am sure you feel so comfortable and happy. Thanks for everything….

Stella Motina
3 months ago

Ardalan ist ein fantastischer Lehrer und ein ganz tolle Mensch! Er hat bei der erste Stunde in Worte gefasst, wie ich meine eigene Stimme fühle! Das ist fantastisch wie schnell er raushören kann, wo das Problem liegt und mit tollen Assoziation sehr schnell Dir hilft, diese Sachen an Deiner Stimme umzusetzen! Außerdem hat er so eine tolle vertrauensvolle Ausstrahlung, dass man sich sofort sehr wohl fühlt.

はちや ちひろ
4 months ago


Miriam Hajiyeva
4 months ago

Mən Ardalan Jabbariyə öz minnətdarlığımı bildirmək istəyirəm ki, o mənə sabit texnika qurmaq üçün çox faydalı məsləhətlər verdi. Düşünürəm ki, mənim opera ifaçisi kimi yolumu davam etmək üçün bu dərslər mənə çox kömək oldacaq. Xüsusən Bel canto məktəbinin gaydalarini və incəliklərini çox dəqiqliklə göstərirdi.

Jerica Steklasa
4 months ago

Vor eine Woche hatte ich die erste Stunde Unterricht mit Ardalan und es war sehr inspirierend. Er kann sofort merken wie deine Stimme funktioniert und welche Übungen helfen würden um das beste Stimm-Potenzial zu erreichen. Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt, besonders weil er auch genau darauf gearbeitet hat, was ich selber weiss, dass ich noch verbessern möchte. Er könnte auch sehr gut sagen in welches Repertoire meiner Stimme gut passt.
Am selben Tag hatte ich auch Coaching mit meinem Pianist und auch er konnte merken, dass ich schon etwas verbessert habe. Am Ende sagte er mir, dass er sich sehr inspirierend von meinem Gesang fühlt…ich weiss – das war schon eine Ergebnis nach tolle Gesangsunterricht mit Ardalan!

Arlene Miatto Albeldas
5 months ago

Ardalan mi ha fatto riscoprire il piacere della voce e del godersi il canto mentre lo si sta facendo.
Non è solo un ottimo cantante ma insegna anche benissimo! 🙂
Se volete ritrovare voi stessi oltre che la vostra voce, andate da lui.

Christoph Berg
5 months ago

Ardalan hat es mir mit seinem Unterricht in bereits wenigen Einheiten ermöglicht, meine Klangfarbe und mein Gesangvolumen auf ein ganz anderes Niveau zu heben. Er findet mit seiner Arbeit einen Zugang zu meiner Stimme, wie sie noch kein anderer gefunden hat.
In der Zusammenarbeit wirkt die Progression gar intuitiv mit Leichtigkeit.

Zudem weiß er gut einzuschätzen, welches Repertoire für meinen derzeitigen Stand und meine Stimme geeignet ist, sodass ich es schaffe, meine Stimme bestmöglich zu präsentieren.

Farshad Abbasabadi
5 months ago

It was very helpful to have my first session with Ardalan, just a week before an important performance for me. The best point about him and I think every good teacher is that he can identify the problem fast and then gives a clear solution for fixing it! The session also helped me with increasing confidence level and mental clarity.
Many thanks and looking forward to my next sessions.

Tara Jamshidian
6 months ago

It was such a pleasure to meet Ardalan and have our first coaching session. Ardalan had such wise insight into the world of opera and singing, and was very clear and thoughtful in his instructions. It was a wonderful experience! Much gratitude.

Ksenia Chubunova
6 months ago

Abbiamo appena iniziato lavorare con Ardalan, e sono già molto impressionata della certezza dei suoi consigli, che veramente aiutano a cantare più libero e bello. Spero che nel nostro collaboratore andiamo molto avanti! Grazie mille, caro Ardalan!

Sajjad Zare
7 months ago

Ardalan Jabbari..It is my pleasure to be his student. His teaching method is so effective. He is totally concentrated while teaching and very good listener. That is so important for a teacher.I recently started working with him but I obviously can feel the progress that I’ve had. I am really satisfied and happy that I can attend his classes.

Thank you teacher

Solmaaz Adeli, mezzosopran
7 months ago

Ardalan is one of the most talented singing teachers that I have ever worked with. His ability to understand your individual voice and help you sing freely and with all that you have to give, is immeasurable. I always work with him when I am in Vienna.
Ardalan ist einer der talentiertesten Gesangslehrer, mit denen ich je zusammengearbeitet habe. Seine Fähigkeiten als Pädagoge sind unermesslich. Ich arbeite immer mit ihm zusammen, wenn ich in Wien bin.

Atefeh Kadkhodazadeh
8 months ago

Ardalan ti insegna di cantare naturale e senza la tensione,
capisce dove stai sbagliano e che cosa ti ostacola e dopo con la pazienza e gentilezza ti spiega
come puoi superarlo.
Ti insegna di cantare morbido e legato, lui è serio nel lavoro, ma ha sempre un sorriso dolce, e si
capisce subito che ama quello che fa.
Dopo averti spiegato il problema, con la voce bellissima che
ha ti canta anche per mostrarti come, perciò hai un esempio vivo e non solo la spiegazione.
Non ti da la speranza senza senso ed è onesto in ciò che stai facendo nel bene e nel male.
Sono fiera di aver un paesano cosi talentuoso sia nel canto sia insegnamento, e credo nella vita una
debba aver tanta fortuna di trovare la gente giusta di venire protetto e non abbandonato quando
l’orizonte è troppo nebbioso in questa infinita strada .

Sarina Wagner
1 year ago

Ich hatte nun das Vergnügen einige Stunden bei Ardalan Jabbari nehmen zu dürfen! Und obwohl ich nicht aus dem klassichen Bereich sondern aus dem Musical komme, war ich bereits während und nach der ersten Stunde begeistert! Es war erstaunlich, wie sehr sich meine Stimme öffnete und einen Klang erzeugte, wie ich meine Stimme zuvor noch nicht erlebt hatte. Ardalan schafft es sich in die Stimme seines Gegenübers so einzufühlen, sodass er weiß, was sie braucht. Dabei kann er nicht nur vormachen, wie der Klang sein soll, sondern kann auch technisch erklären, worauf es ankommt. Je nach Situation entscheidet er, welches Tool gerade gefragt ist.
Er hat die Funktion meiner Stimme sofort erkannt, und ist auf diese komplett eingegangen, und hat somit innerhalb von wenigen Minuten den perfekten Sitz und Klang erzeugt.
Durch die Verständlichkeit seiner Arbeit und Erklärungen ist es auch einfach, das neu erworbene Wissen auf das Repertoire zu übertragen und auch leicht beim Üben wieder herzustellen. Was mich jedoch am meisten erstaunt, ist, dass nicht nur nach der ersten Stunde ein enormer Sprung passiert ist, sondern von Stunde zu Stunde neue “Aha” und “Wow” Momente passieren, sodass stetig aufgebaut wird und man nicht nur wiederholt, sondern noch weiter gehen kann!
Seine Art zu unterrichten ist mir jedes Mal eine große Freude, da sie mit so viel Verständnis, Ruhe, Geduld und Humor ausgefüllt ist! Es nimmt jeden Druck aus der Stimme und Körper, sodass man nur Freude und Freiheit hat!

Forooz Razavi
1 year ago

Having you as my master is one of the biggest blessings of my life

Anna Buchel
1 year ago

It has been so inspirational working with Ardalan Jabbari. He is an amazing singer but also a great singing teacher. He gives me confidence and guidance in my search for the right sound. I noticed progress in my technique only after a couple of lessons. Ardalan encourages me and always finds a solution. I’m looking forward to more lessons together!

Doris S. Langara
1 year ago

Lieber Ardalan,
vielen Dank für Deine großartige Unterstützung meiner Gesangstechnik.
Du hast sofort erkannt, was ich verkehrt mache, bzw. was das singen so anstrengend macht für mich.
Auch konntest Du mir Deine Verbesserungen wunderbar vermitteln, so dass ich diese schnell umsetzten konnte.
Ich hatte nicht für möglich gehalten, dass eine so dunkle, volltönende Männerstimme einem Koloratursopran so gut helfen kann.
Dank unserer Arbeit konnte ich die “Königin der Nacht” wieder voller Freude und mit Leichtigkeit singen und zwar an vier Abenden hintereinander! Ich bin voller Glück und Dankbarkeit!

Majahan "Anita"
2 years ago

The vocal training classes which have with Master Ardalan Jabbari excited me so much that increased my motivation thousands times more to start learning again.
He is both good-natured and fluent in teaching.
I look forward to the next class session to learn more and more.

I am deeply thankful and blessed 🙏🎼

It is a wonderful experience with improving the techniaque in my singing.

2 years ago

Maestro Jabbari is kind, positive, open-minded, fun and so understanding. I’ve been struggling with my voice and will to carry on opera, but he has been cheering me on patiently.
I can’t wait to continue our lessons and see where this voice will finally lead me.
Thank you maestro, Aluta continua!

Jie Chen
2 years ago

I am very glad to meet Ardalan Jabbari through my friend’s introduction. I am a singer and professor of vocal music. I learned several online lessons with Ardalan Jabbari, and I was surprised to find that he is really an excellent international vocal music teacher. I found some good singing form again, very happy!

Irena Alhazova
2 years ago

Dear Ardalan,
I have known you for a while now as a great singer and artist, but now I had the chance also to work with you as a vocal coach and pedagog. Thank you for your really wide knowledge and support, just in one lesson you gave me so much faith and hope, inserted in me motivation and confidence.
Looking forward to our next lessons.

Alper Göçeri
2 years ago

Ardalan ile haziran ayından beri çok düzenli ve disiplinli bir şekilde çalışıyoruz.Kendisinin teknik anlayışı,stil ve repertuvar bilgisi çok üst seviyede.Bununla birlikte çok iyi bir kulağa sahip olması ve çalıştırdığı kişilerin ihtiyaçlarına,eksiklerine ve anatomik yapısına göre anında çözüm bulması onu farklı kılıyor.Çalışmaya başladığımız günden beri sesimdeki gelişimi ve değişimi gerek kendimden gerek çalıştığım operadaki olumlu geri dönüşlerden anlıyorum

Victoria Leshkevich
2 years ago

I know Ardalan not so long time , but with confidence I can say that it is not only a beautiful person, but also a knowledgeable teacher with «good ears». For this time I’ve been doing with him lessons I felt I could trust him, and in our profession it is very important! You can ask him absolutely any question about the technique and be sure you will get a detailed answer!
I can also say that if you have mental issues, this is the person who always supports and finds the right words for you.
I am very glad to meet Ardalan!

Sevana Salmasi
3 years ago

I had my first lesson with Ardalan today. His analysis of my voice was very exact and on point. The work with him was very interessting and i would like to recommand him. His energy and friendlyness makes everything even better. And yes, he is a teacher with very good ears. 👍👍

Diana Gouglina
3 years ago

Dear Ardalan,
Thank you for every coaching together, each one is filled with competence and humour. Two very essential qualities needed in our type of careers. You have an extraordinary kinestetic intelligence and the capacity to know exactly what is needed in the given moment in order to get better results or to get them with less effort.
You really are what we call a “coach” by the sides of an athletes that has serious competitions infront of them: you are the reliable rock and guidance in the entire preparation process that will lead to giving optimal results at the needed moment.
I am looking forward to many more preparations to many more important milestones in my career.
With much love and gratitude
Diana Gouglina

Katerina Vassiliadou
3 years ago

Ardalan is a fantastic vocal coach. He can immediately identify your weaknesses and strengths and guide you accordingly. From the very first minutes of working with him you can see the change in sound quality. He is direct and makes everything look simple and harmonious. What is more important for a singer than a coach who helps him bring out his best self. I am so happy to get to know him!

mehrsa asgharin
3 years ago

خيلي خوشحالم كه اين فرصت نصيبم شد تا شاگرد استاد جباري عزيز باشم
ايشون علاوه بر اينكه خواننده ي فوق العاده اي هستند معلم بسيار خوبي هم هستند.
در كلاسشون استرسي نخواهيد داشت چون ايشون با صبر و حوصله ابهامات رو برطرف ميكنن …
با اينكه از شاگردان جديد ايشون هستم و راهي طولاني در پيش دارم ،ولي در صداي خودم در حال كشف موضوعاتي هستم كه براي خودم باور نكردنيه…

3 years ago

Maestro Jabbari has given me an amazing opportunity to learn the right singing techniques. Thank you dear Maestro Jabbari, for accepting me as your student! You have opened the door to the garden of my dreams.

Rossana Azhandeh
3 years ago

I had the chance to attend Maestro Jabbari’s classes in Vienna in two separate occasions and both were exceptional experiences. As expected from a world class singing mentor, only few seconds of singing was enough for him to identify the problems I had with my technique. More importantly, he was able to provide practical solutions to put me on the right track. His class has opened a new horizon in singing for me and definitely each second was valuable.
Thanks a lot dear Ardalan and hope to see you again! 😊

نیر سرایی فر
3 years ago

Nayyer saraiefar
جناب آقای اردلان جباری حضور در دوره های اموزش آنلاین شما در سطح بین المللی برای من افتخار بزرگیست . با راهنمایی هاتون امید من به تحقق رویاهام صد چندان شد
سپاسگذارم از نکته سنجی و راهنمایی های صحیحتون

Katherina alexandrova
3 years ago

Dear Maestro, thank you for amazing Online lesson. I hope see you soon in Vienna or maybe in Moscow.
All the best

3 years ago

Meeting Maestro Ardalan was a blessing for me. I Learnt a lot in his workshops in Tehran, Shiraz and London. They were extremely informative and well planned. I appreciate his passion for teaching. His ability to correct me in a positive manner and teach new  techniques and his honesty for providing true feedback about my voice were invaluable. His guidance for my possible future as a singer was also clear and honest. I found his lessons far more useful than the lessons I have had with some of the most prestigious music academies in London.  I benefit from every second of his lesson as he is very focused  during my lessons.
I hope he will resume his classes and workshops in London soon as I will be the first to get back to working with him.

Mehdi Sangabi
3 years ago

I am so lucky that met Ardalan first in one of his workshops in Shiraz. Since then he has been my teacher, my coach, my mentor and one of my best friends. I have learnt singing from different teachers before Ardalan but to be frank he opened new horizons of singing and classical music to me. I continued my learning sessions with him any occasion he was in Iran. We still are connected online but I wish I could have him around here in Australia now. In short he enriched my singing & musical knowledge and perception dramatically. There are not enough words to thank you for all you have done for me!
All the best Ardalan jan!

Mahtab Ghamsari
3 years ago

I’ve only started working with Ardalan recently but I’m already noticing immense progress in my vocal technique and I’m buzzed with excitement prior to every session. Thank you so much for your work and attention.

Joubin Neddaii
7 years ago

اساسی‌ترین و ابتدایی‌ترین نکاتی را که سالیان سال، بهترین استادان آواز ایران به من یاد ندادند، تنها در چند جلسه از استاد جباری آموختم
هم احساس خسران می‌کنم بابت این همه سال و هم احساس امید بابت ادامه‌ی کار با استاد بی‌نظیرم

Mehdi hamzezadeh
6 years ago

maestro jabbari is not just a voice coach but also a miracle worker ,Learning from them is very enjoyable. i have answered many of my question since i met him, wish the best

Khashayar Farhadi Langroudi
3 years ago

Ardalan was a bright light during my challenging time when I was studying to become an opera singer. His wisdom and understanding of pedagogy is timeless. He connected with me and understood what was missing in my singing techniques. He built up a comprehensive plan to help me reach my goals. I’m very grateful of him. I still take online classes from him from San Francisco. Thank you again Mr. Jabbari, warm regards, Khashayar Farhadi Langroudi , San Francisco, California

Reza Roofuei
4 years ago

Attending Master Jabbari’s classes with an international style and having them signed is valuable to me, and having world-class teaching methods in classical singing showed me a better horizon, and the teaching power and eagerness of transmitting vocal information to the student is commendable.

Thank you.

Golnaz Elhamian
3 years ago

J’ai commencé à prendre des cours avec M. Jabbari après avoir essayé des cours de chant avec d’autres enseignants et j’ai senti la différence dès la première leçon. Ma plus grande difficulté était un manque de confiance en moi ; en conséquence, je ne pouvais pas libérer ma voix et j’avais du mal à m’écouter. M. Jabbari m’a aidé à dépasser ces obstacles avec des techniques très intéressantes et efficaces. Ses cours étaient pour moi un moment de liberté et de joie. Je regrette ne pas avoir la possibilité de reprendre des cours avec lui aujourd’hui et malheureusement, après huit ans, je n’ai toujours pas réussi à trouver des cours de chant équivalents aux siens.

Navid Taheri
3 years ago

Maestro Jabbari was not just my Voice teacher, he was my inspiration to follow opera and classical singing, with his mentoring and his strategy for entrance exam of university i could accept in university in Austria at age of 30, whereas there is a very rare chance that someone can be accepted in official universities in this age, Maestro Jabbari not only can help to improve vocal techniques but also he is really knowledgeable about voice types and different Musical repertoire, i was really lucky that could work with Maestro Jabbari in my musical life .
Best wishes,
Navid Taheri

Navid Nourbakhsh
5 years ago

Maestro “Jabbari” Meisterkurs war mein beste und Unterschiedlichste Erfahrung beim Singen.
Vor allem seine Gesangstechnik und Lösungen bei den Stimmproblemen und seine meisterhaften Unterrichten.
Ich hoffe, dass ich wieder an den kursen von maestro Jabbari teilnehmen kann.

Parastoo Abolghasemi
4 years ago

استاد جبارى عزيز ،
حضور در كلاس هاى آنلاين شما يكى از بهترين فرصتهايى بود كه در زمينه آواز داشتم .هيچ وقت اين تجربه فوق العاده و صحبت هاى شما كه باعث شد دريچه ديگه اى نسبت به آينده و آواز داشته باشم و انرژى كه در كلاس از شما ميگرفتم رو فراموش نميكنم.
اميدوارم به زودى از نزديك ببينمتون 🤗🌸🌸
با آرزوى بهترين ها

Ayric Choir
3 years ago

Dear maestro Jabbari! We are so happy to have a master Class with you in our beautiful city “shiraz” and it was a great pleasure for us to have you as a young and successful coach. We learned a lot from you in this short opportunity and it was literally useful for all of us. Hoping to see you again in our beautiful city. Thanks for your helpful lessons. Good luck.

Bahar Harandi
3 years ago

I started my journey in singing with Ardalan. I remember the very first lesson I had with him in Iran, he played that famous part of the queen of the night aria on piano and asked me to sing and I did it !!!!! Lol
Working with him was such a great experience, after almost 2 years of on and off lessons with Ardalan in Iran, I moved to Canada to continue my education in that field, I remember my first lesson with my teacher in Canada, he told me that my basic technique was absolutely right, the breathing was correct and he didn’t need to change anything, he just added to whatever Ardalan taught me.
Thank you Ardalan for those amazing lessons in Iran❤

Prushat Ghandhari
3 years ago

It is a great pleasure for me to have Ardalan Jabbari as my coach. He is a fantastic singer and I’m really grateful to experience his coaching in a natural, simple and quick way.
Endless thanks dear Ardalan!

Shabnam Karimi
3 years ago

Ardalan, my singing teacher and my friend, is definitely a real deal. Not only does he talk the talk, but he also walks the walk. Not only he is able to teach you how to do it, but he can also show you how at the drop of a hat. I’ve seen him consistently hit High E5’s during lessons without even warming up and also while being sick.
Ardalan is always learning and trying to improve his own voice. His energy is infectious! I’ve never felt ashamed of what I was doing wrong during lessons, he would just redirect and help me to do it a different way

Ardalan is focused, competent, caring, patient and funny too! I come from a background of choir singers, and he got my voice back on track.

I believe he has the soul and the heart of a teacher!

Mahtab tn
3 years ago

Sono molto contenta di aver avuto l’opportunità di partecipare ai classi di Maestro Jabbari , penso che sia il maestro più meraviglioso nel mondo e che ho imparato tante cose che non avevo saputo mai prima di partecipare in queste lezioni.

maryam javadi
3 years ago

Je suis contente pour les cours avec vous.
La pédagogie pour les techniques de respiration, de chant etc. m’aide beaucoup à apprecier le chant et me le rend plus facile.
Encore merci Maestro

Nadiya karimi
4 years ago

This course was one of the top level courses I have ever had.
I am proud to have participated in this course,
I wish I was so literate in music that I could use the master class more.

Hadi badavam
3 years ago

A wonderful experience which improved my Technique and breathing
And I learned how to hear my voice better
and how to find a way to be a real singer
Wish the best🌺❤️

Azar Chalabiani
5 years ago

I’m really glad and thankful that I’ve known him. Even with his “lives and posts” in instagram, I learn new interesting things about singing! I wish I had the condition to attend his class in person 🙂
Wish him more success🍀🌷

Reyhaneh Musalaei
3 years ago

I attended Ardalan Jabbari’s London masterclasses and I would like to share my experience with you
Not only he is a brilliant opera singer but also he is a wonderful voice coach and opera tutor he has a great attitude and the ability to make me feel comfortable and challenging me to be better singer his enthusiasm and encouragement inspire me to challenge myself and I am glad that I did
I am truley honored to have him as my voice coach and opera tutor and I am always grateful to him
Wish him a great success and prosperity in his career

4 years ago

Because of my interest in singing,
I was always looking for the best teacher so that I could strengthen my vocal
I was honored to attend your online classes
Thank you for making me more familiar with singing I hope to meet you in Iran soon
Dear Master Jabbari

Galiya Jafari
3 years ago

Without any doubts Maestro Jabbari is one of the best singing coaches I’ve ever met. I’ve had the best experience in his classes and learned alot.
In my opinion each singer needs a good coaching before each performance or a concert, and for me he is definitely the one.
Wish you the best Maestro

Ayaz Azari
4 years ago

I had a masterclass back in 2019 with maestro Jabbari. Putting all that insight and experience into words and teaching it that easily is not an easy thing everybody can do. the most important thing for me was his honest picture of how the future of my career as a singer would look like. this was very eye-opening for me. wish the best

Shayan Kargaran
4 years ago

Having a master class with maestro jabbari was a great honor. Actually, l was an accompanist in his class and it was a really good experience for me. I enjoy every moment of his class. I think every minute of his class was useful. His class atmosphere was Friendly. I think he is really good at teaching.
I have never seen someone like him at teaching. I wish I could see him again. I wish the best for you.

4 years ago

Ciao maestro, mi è stato permesso di incontrarti 2 anni fa,
Sono rimasto molto colpito dal modo in cui hai insegnato a tutti, specialmente la tua tecnica vocale. Grazie mille per avermi permesso di essere il tuo studente

Ali Danesh
3 years ago

Maestro” jabbari” is a completely professional opera singer and in addition due to academic educations and great  learning experiences with opera’s legendary singers ; he is “the great vocal pedagog” too….i had my best and most useful classes with maestro “jabbari” . after afew sessions i hear my different voice…. Thank you and hope to see you as soon as possible maestro

Fahimeh ahamdi
4 years ago

It’s my honor to be Mr Jabari’s student .he is really professional coach and I realize my problems in singing and learn a right singing style ,i feel this class like a magic .if you want to learn singing in a right way , Sir Jabari is the best one.

Mehran Behzadmehr
3 years ago

I had the best experience in singing with Ardalan . The master class in London was so much fun and amazing. He is so passionate and kind and helped me a lot .

Amirpouya sojoudi
3 years ago

I have experience of the best feel of singing style at master class whit maestro jabbari
At least i added high quality of singing knowledge in my music life but in my opinion we must review after class for a month that we will see the result .

Luciana Lombardi
5 years ago

Carissimo Ardalan, Grazie mille per La Lezione di oggi 🙂 ho imparato tantissimo .
Cari saluti da Roma

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